Video Light Bestlight for DSLR Cameras | Canon 7D


Video Light Bestlight for DSLR Cameras | Canon 7D

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Bestlight 0.6"/1.5cm Ultra-Thin BLPad-22 112-LED 12W 5600K/3200K LED Video Light Dimmable Flat Panel On-camera Light Pad for Canon DSLR Cameras (2 Pieces)


I received my Video Light Bestlight 0.6″/1.5cm ultra thin LED light today.

I’m big on reading reviews and then reading some more, before I make purchases. Being able to read actual customer reviews is one of my favorite Amazon features.

I read all the reviews on this light and was very skeptical, but then took into consideration that 2 people gave it one star because THEY obviously didn’t read the description of what you’re going to get. Battery is not included. Another reviewer said, “Good luck trying to find an adapter for this.”

Yes… good luck, because there isn’t an adapter outlet on this unit. Those are Phillips head screws buddy, that might be why none of the adapters you tried would work. One reviewer said the battery it came with didn’t fit right and wouldn’t come back out of the unit.

Review for Video Light Bestlight

Since it didn’t come with a battery, God only knows what he stuck in there. One said it was a great light but only gave it 3 stars. One said it was fragile. You never know. My first impression was that this thing actually seems pretty well constructed for a plastic, electronic, lighting device.

Don’t attach it to your M4 and jump out of a helicopter with it and you’ll probably be okay. Be gentle. It’s probably going to be attached to the camera and lens you paid somewhere between $600 to $10,000 for, so that should go without saying! It securely fastened to the hot shoe on my Canon and onto both tripods I own.

I took one of the two Neewer NP-F550 batteries I ordered (BECAUSE IT DOESNT COME WITH BATTERIES) out of the package and put it on the light with no fitment issues. It took me a minute or two because I was being very gentle and didn’t want to force anything. It firmly snapped in and was no problem to slide to the right, and pull back out of the unit. It’s the first light of its kind I’ve purchased, so how bright is it?

Review for Video Light Bestlight

I just don’t know. I don’t know the technical stuff. I just keep my ISO below 400, open the aperture on the lens all the way up (lowest number the lens will allow), and adjust my shutter speed down until I have something I can work with. This light is soft…diffused…to me that’s a good thing. I would say beyond 6 feet it isn’t going to help you much really.

Not on a Canon T2i/550D anyway. What it does within that 6 feet is pretty great though. The ability to “tune” the light to a warm or cold tone is awesome. I didn’t pay much attention to battery life because I took the battery straight out of the packaging and don’t know what percentage of a full charge it had initially.

After over an hour on full blast. I noticed the color temp knob no longer had any effect on the light emitted, then notice the dimmer knob produced no result other than turning the light off at the bottom end of the range. I read the instructions at that point (because I’m a man and I need to figure things out on my own for the most part) and this is normal when the battery is close to dead.

Review for Video Light Bestlight

To run the battery all the way down I left the light on and it took almost 4 hours for the light to completely drain the battery. I put the other new battery on the charger an hour ago and it still isn’t fully charged, so I’m thinking one battery life will be between 1.5-2hrs depending on the intensity setting you’re going to use.

I would say get it. If you hate it you still have a pretty nice… but pricey nightlight?

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