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Fancierstudio DSLR RIG Follow Focus Matte Box | Canon 7D


New Added Feature Shoulder Pad. Here is the complete system for the DSLR or video camera owner, consisting of: Shoulder Mount, Follow Focus and Matte Box. The aim of this kit is to provide the operator maximum flexibility while shooting both outdoors and indoors. It is a very portable and handy kit. The Shoulder Mount makes it possible to deliver excellent results without any jerk or motion problems.


This Fancierstudio DSLR RIG Follow Focus Matte Box is interestingly useful. I find many things already mentioned by others to be the case, however, with some simple adjustments, I was able to make it work better for me than standard configuration. The device is designed for you to hold the handles a bit away from the shoulder so you view the LCD of your camera. With no counter balance weight (behind you) for the shoulder pad, it’s really not too steady, and when you take one hand off e.g for focus adjustments on your camera, you balance is tilted. So, my solution was to rearrange things.

1. I put a viewfinder on my Canon Mk III DSLR
2. Shortened the Rod distance between the shoulder pad and the handles so me eye can reach the viewfinder.
3. Tilted the rod connecting the rig to the shoulder pad,,45 degree downward versus straight horizontal.
4. Removed the right hand handle and placed in front of the rig (on the left rail inverted, So the handle is centered just below the Matte/front end of the Camera lens).

Fancierstudio DSLR RIG Follow Focus Matte Box

This now means I have three major points of contacts for stability…the front handle, the viewfinder and then the shoulder mount. The left handle is not needed for this setup. You hold the front handle with your right hand which is now centered relative to the body of the camera, the shoulder pad is on the right shoulder as well. You pull back tight on the handle while shooting so your forehead on the viewfinder and shoulder against the shoulder pad affords more stability. Your left hand is free to be used for focusing and available as a 4th point of contact.

If I have the time, will post a picture for this configuration but it’s probably the most brilliant way to use this rig. It makes it more versatile and actually functional more so than it’s original/intended design. Don’t expect to walk and shoot with this rig. A lens with an image stabilizer will still be your best bet.

Overall, for me, with this new configuration and the nice follow focus which appears to work well with my Zeiss 50mm Makro lens , and the relatively low cost …this is a 4 Star. I would give it a 5 if they had included an attachable counter weight for the shoulder pad. Again, don’t expect smooth shot if you going to be walking with this unit…I would suggest a Glidecam or something like that to walk/move and shoot versus a rig like this….

Thats all for now, this is my review for Fancierstudio DSLR RIG Follow Focus Matte Box.

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Conclusion Rating
Fancierstudio DSLR RIG Follow Focus Matte Box
5 stars

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