The CMOS sensor it employs are great!


Canon EOS 7D Body Only | Canon 7D

Canon EOS-7D 18MP Digital SLR Camera Body features an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS Sensor and Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processors for high image quality and speed. ISO 100-6400 (expandable to 12,800) for shooting from bright to dim light. 8.0 fps continuous shooting up to 126 Large/JPEGs with UDMA CF card and 15 RAW. Advanced movie mode with manual exposure control and selectable frame rates.


This review is for the Canon EOS 7D Body Only | Canon 7D

I have purchased the Canon EOS 7D Body Only a few years ago and fell in love with it. I have worked my way up from a Nikon Coolpix to the Canon 60D to the last-step before upgrading to a full sensor camera. Although this camera’s replacement Came out just last summer, I’d still prefer this over its replacement due to several reasons:

The CMOS sensor it employs are great as is and have been in use for many years since their inception. In comparison to the never Mark 2 model,I couldn’t see many differences in quality of the images. especially at night. Also, due to the fact that both have dual sensors the speed at which they shoot is very minute, only 2 frames more in the Mark 2 model.

The second feature I enjoyed using with this model was the ease of accessing the menu using both the center console and the joystick. The buttons felt a little stiffer but also spongy when pressing them.

The third feature is the structural integrity you feel when holding it. It is made a metal alloy so it is stronger, dust resistant, and water resistant.

Even though it has all these great features, it does have its short-falls for example:

No tilting, swivel screen like many Sony, Nikon, or lower Canon cameras. If you want to have full on of the HD film capability, a screen that can be manipulated should be a top priority.

Another shortfall is the nine point autofocus points. Even though you won’t usually need more such as the sixty-three on most full frame cameras, it’s good.But more would be better.

And finally, the plastic LCD screen reflects to much light. On the Mark3, it uses glass rather than a soft plastic that can scratch easily. I’d rather spend more on a few more luxury features.

Frankly, the replacement model doesn’t have many features either such as a manipulative screen, glass screen, or even touch screen or Wi~fi.

If you are someone looking to upgrade from a simple dslr camera like the Canon 70D or Nikon D 300, this is the right machine to take you to the next level in photography. It is more important to invest in better glass than camera bodies. Since the Mark 2 came out, I’d stick to its predecessor. Canon EOS 7D Body Only is a good option.

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Canon EOS 7D Body Only | Canon 7D
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