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Canon 7D Mark II Experience is an e book user's guide that goes beyond the manual to help you learn the features, settings, and controls of this sophisticated and highly customizable camera. Most importantly, it also explains how, when, and why to use the camera's features, settings, and controls in your photography.


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Very Clear and Precise – The Canon 7D Mark II Photography Guide explains all the features of the camera and does this in a very clear and precise way, giving a detailed run through of the camera functions and controls as well as the operation and options of the menu system – and it does this without assuming you are an expert photographer to begin with. This is an excellent book to help with getting to grips with your Canon, whether as a newcomer to the EOS world or upgrading from a previous version.

Simplifies without Technical Jargon! – Douglas Klostermann has the unique ability to explain in very readable, easy-to-follow directions how to operate every facet of the camera. This is definitely worth purchasing as a companion to the camera and the camera’s manual.

A Pro Right There with You – If you want to get the camera up and running with the feeling of a pro right there with you then I would strongly recommend it. He walks you through setting the camera up and gives you his reasoning for the settings. He leaves the door open to change them based on your level of experience. After the basic settings tour Doug then gets down to the heart of this great camera: the custom settings and focus system. His explanation is first class and he explains how various custom settings are related to each other. All in all a great read. Camera in one hand and reader in the other and dig in.
-Tim S.

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Will Save You a Month on the Learning Curve – This book clearly and practically walks the reader through every step of setting up and using the camera. A wonderfully well-organized book, it explains every feature and setting on the camera with recommendations on optimal setup choices and the reasoning behind each recommendation. This is the lowest cost, highest value accessory I could have purchased.

Excellent ebook – This book is first-class, and this author knows his stuff about Canon cameras. He cuts to the chase, and gets right to the heart of the important matters. I learned a lot and I learned it very quickly indeed. Highly recommended.
-S. Walker

A Must Have – This is the best camera manual I ever bought – incredibly clear and simple to understand. Laid out logically, easy to follow. It’s more of a field guide that gives you answers at the drop of a dime. Buy this, look at the manual that comes with the camera and you’ll see what I mean. Do I love this manual? Yes!

Superb Guide – An excellent guide, clear and concise. A great tool for budding photographer as well as the seasoned pro. A sure way to get the most out of your camera.
-Mark S.

Canon 7D Mark II Photography Guide is to Operation and Image Creation with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II

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Canon 7D Mark II Photography Guide | Canon 7D

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