The Best Canon DSLR Camera in the Market

What Canon DSLR camera to choose?

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III carries a 22.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor that is designed to create high definition and high resolution images with speed and accuracy. An image can be captured at a rate of 6 frames per second with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. The DIGIC 5+ Processor reduced the noise at trailblazing processing speed. Some might question if Canon can deliver the right amount of detail in their photos but with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon has made sure that this camera is able to deliver what is promised and even more.“My new 5D III just arrived yesterday and i was able to start testing it at a gallery reception. Feel is great, One thing that amazed me is the pictures I took at night without flash, I was amazed  It’s as if it has night vision, looking forward to learn all its features” – Andy Rolland

The best Canon DSLR camera to choose

Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR

The Canon EOS Rebel T3i has made its way on the top rated DSLR camera reviews 2015 due to its extensive features which include an 18 MP CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 4 Image Processor that is both top caliber and high-precision when it comes to taking pictures.

The features found on this camera excel in the market making it one of the top tier DSLR cameras all over the world. With its renowned name attached to it, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i will surely gain popularity in the coming years even if there are more upcoming sophisticated cameras in the making.“I really like this camera, it is very easy to use, takes very successful pictures even at night.

I am convinced that I made a very good choice, I use this camera for almost two months and i never found any deficiency. I recommend this camera to everyone” – Steve Walker

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